Windshield Replacement
Licensed & Insured 20 years experience

We offer high quality, guaranteed, stone chip repairs and windshield replacement for your vehicle.

All of your vehicle’s glass, more so your windshield, are important structural components in your vehicle. Having a quality windshield replacement is essential to not only the structure of your vehicle, but the safety of you and your passengers. If your windshield is beyond a quick repair, then replacement is the best choice.


Cal Bay Auto Glass guarantees customers a quality windshield replacement.  We only use glass that meets, or exceeds, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and government standards.  Which means your new glass is as good as the original it is replacing.


Cal Bay Auto Glass technicians begin by inspecting your windshield to see if it is possible to repair.  After inspecting the glass, we begin the windshield replacement process by completely removing your old windshield.  The new glass is then installed using a primer and adhesive.  In most cases, this process will take a little over an hour from removal to adhesion.  After the new glass is installed, the new glass is wiped clean and any debris from the install is removed.

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All Cal Bay Auto Glass repairs are backed by our warranty and are guaranteed to pass lease turn-back.

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