Windshield Repair
Licensed & Insured 20 years experience

We offer high quality, guaranteed, stone chip repairs and windshield replacement for your vehicle.

Having your windshield repaired is convenient, effective, and safe.  Any chips, nicks, or cracks that are the size of a quarter or smaller make your windshield a candidate for repair.  These repairs will restore the integrity of your windshield, help stop the damage from spreading, and can save you from having to replace the entire windshield.

CAL BAY AUTO GLASS policy. If you would like us to install used glass that you provide, we will; however, there is absolutely no guarantee of any kind for glass that we do not provide.


You don’t have to replace your entire windshield every time it gets damaged.  While it is a good value and at times a better solution, a fair amount of windshields can be repaired.  Allow our trained technicians to diagnose and give you a professional recommendation.  Depending on your insurance coverage, a windshield repair may be no cost to you.


All windshield repairs from Cal Bay Auto Glass are completed by skilled technicians, using industry leading materials and equipment.  Our technicians inject resin into the chip, allow it to cure, and then polish it to a smooth finish.  Average time needed to complete a repair is around 30 minutes.

Would you like your repairs done today? No problem.

All Cal Bay  Auto Glass repairs are backed by our warranty and are guaranteed to pass lease turn-back.